Do You Self-Sabotage Your Success?

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Collagen Block Recipe For Tendon Health

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2022
Collagen Jell-O blocks I make for athletes using Bubs Naturals collagen
This is a great way to get more protein in your diet but also great for tendon health. This recipe is an iteration from tendon researcher Keith Baar. 
▪️4 cups Water
▫️6oz Jell-O 
▪️4 tbsp Knox gelatin
▫️8 scoops @bubsnaturals collagen
▪️2 tsp vitamin C 
Makes 8 servings = 
13g protein
10g collagen 
1,000mg vitamin C
* Boil 3 cups of water
* Mix Jell-O and gelatin dry ingredients together
* Pour boiling water and mix
* Add @bubsnaturals collagen powder
* Add 1 cup of cold water
* Stir in Vitamin C 
* Refrigerator for 2-3 hours 
If you are using this recipe as a protocol for tendon health I recommend consuming the Jell-O blocks 1 hour before your rehab exercise. 
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Stiffness: What You Need To Know

basics Jun 03, 2021

Stiffness: What You Need To Know


Stiffness is a common concern for athletic performance, injury prevention, and a concern as we age. Lets do a deep dive in what you need to know about stiffness, how to combat it, and how it helps you in performance. 

What exactly is stiffness? 
Stiffness is how much collagen you have and the direction in which it is facing. This creates crosslinks which generates stiffness. When you exercise you increase lysyl oxidase which accumulates more crosslinks.

More Crosslinks = More Stiffness

Less Crosslinks = Less Stiffness

How do we build or break crosslinks?
The speed in which you train has the greatest impact on crosslinks. Fast exercise adds crosslinks (stiffness) Slow exercise breaks crosslinks.

Fast Movements = More Crosslinks = More Stiffness

Slow Movements = Less Crosslinks = Less Stiffness

Stiffness is a necessity 
Stiffness is needed in activities like jumping, sprinting, and pretty much any...

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Do I Need To Rest My Injury?

basics Jun 02, 2021

When To Rest?

If you find when to rest or not to rest confusing you are not alone. For so long we have interchanged the words rest and recovery that they have become synonymous. Let's take a quick look at the difference between rest & recovery and managing your rest IN your recovery. 

Rest is to refrain from activity. 

Recovery is return to a state. In the case of training we will say return to a ready state for activity.

Think of rest as a technique or tool you give your body to recover. 

Can you overdue rest and negatively impact your recovery? 
Absolutely.  Rest creates a cycle of disuse which can lower your abilities overtime. Prolonged rest is atrophy. Let us not forget that it is not just the soft tissue that atrophies but also skills. Motor skills are perishable and must be trained to maintain! 

Doesn't rest let me heal and recover? 
The devil is in the...

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Building Your Mobility Kit

A Good Mobility Kit Is A Time Management Tool

Before we get too deep into the tactical side of “How To” lets build out a mobility kit that suits your lifestyle and gives you the highest chance of success (actually doing it).

What I am competing with in mobility training is time. You have your personal life, career, and just enough time to train. So to add anything extra may seem defeating already. Have no fear, we will address some of the oppositions of time management, productivity, and organization along the way.

What's In The Bag?

Resistance Bands 
The benefit of bands is what we call accommodating resistance which means the band has the ability to increase intensity as you go through the range of motion. When you begin it is easy, then as you go to the end range of motion it is more difficult.


Indian Clubs The Indian club remains a staple item in my bag because it is phenomenal for rotational...

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Foot & Ankle Focused Mobility


Good Morning! Today I'm going to take you through some foot and ankle mobility options. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this section of the body. If the feet lose their function it will create a cascade of issues because they are unable to distribute force throughout the body efficiently.  

The first video will be feet focused while the last two will be foot and ankle. I created an intro video  which is a short example and the second is a 25 minute mobility class that is foot and ankle focused. Be sure to click the photos on the bottom two to start the videos. 


The button above will take you to a video for foot drills you can do from your home. 

Click on the picture above to begin video 

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Above Average VS Your Best

mindset Sep 23, 2020

Above average is not the same as your best. When we perform above average but not at our best the danger is that you get used to the praise and results of winning that we delay the misery of unfulfillment. 


There is a chemistry to achievement. Our brain rewards us for hard earned valiant effort which is coupled with an emotional response. The feelings of pride, satisfaction, joy, and serenity are built into our brain's reward system. 

Ask yourself this. Am I living off of yesterday's highlight reel and trophy room as evidence that I am doing my best or did I give all my effort and attention to a worthy cause today?  

The measuring stick of greatness will continue to move. As you accomplish your goals you must use your skills you've acquired to upgrade your vision to the next destination of achievement.


Closing thoughts
Am I feeling the...

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[Therapist Edition] Acquiring Knowledge & Skills

therapist edition Jul 01, 2020
It’s easy to get get caught up in the assessment fantasy linking one observation into a suspenseful story of how one pain links to this weakness and then to this misalignment and now we know EXACTLY why you have knee pain, back pain, fill the blank______. But what do you do when that story which led to your treatment choice fails?
Simplify. Complexity makes you overlook the obvious. Break it down into smaller pieces so you are only assessing one thing at a time. I tend to start with one joint articulation in a process known as CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) analysis.
Base your treatment on what you see in assessment. If you don’t see it or feel it don’t say it. Your client will try and lead you into their self diagnosis and they want confirmation bias. Don’t fall for it. This is your opportunity to educate them and make them more knowledgeable than your average therapist.
In treatment trust your eyes and your hands. There is a common trend in manual...
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Internal VS External Based Training. What Is The Difference?

What is the difference? Internal based training is when muscle contraction is generated voluntarily without the use of an external load (kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell, etc). External training is of course when you use an external source to train the body.

When would I use each? Internal based training allows you to access different layers of tissue in a very specific way. We have to remember that your brain/body doesn’t register “oh that is a dumbbell so we are getting strong today” it just registers how much tissue you are recruiting, how much force it is under, and for how long. Without adding external load you can train at an intense level with the right coaching. This will help you maximize what you already have and teach the brain about all the current options. Since my vocation is heavy in rehabilitation it can be safer at first, case depending. 

External based training can be used in conjunction with internal based training. What I like to do is prime...

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Easy Homemade Protein Pizza 🍕

recipes Jun 07, 2020

During March of 2020 when Covid-19 hit my business was shutdown for 2 months. During this time I adopted a new hobby of cooking but also like true 2020 fashion I adopted 19lbs to stay thematic for the year. 

As I've worked on cutting the excessive weight I've experimented with a few recipes to cut calories without sacrificing taste. You will never convince me that cauliflower crust is just as good as pizza crust or even "not bad" for that matter. Another thing that drives me crazy is when looking for recipes online they are long formed blogs that are littered with ads. Every time I scroll I end up accidently hitting an ad and it redirects me to another spam site. So without further ado here is an easy AD FREE recipe for pizza that gives you an extra dose of protein. 



1 cup + 2 Tablespoons self-rising flour
1 cup Greek yogurt

1 can of Fire roasted crushed tomatoes
To taste Oregano, Garlic, salt, pepper, or Italian blend

Rao’s sauce...

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