Do You Self-Sabotage Your Success?

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Above Average VS Your Best

mindset Sep 23, 2020

Above average is not the same as your best. When we perform above average but not at our best the danger is that you get used to the praise and results of winning that we delay the misery of unfulfillment. 


There is a chemistry to achievement. Our brain rewards us for hard earned valiant effort which is coupled with an emotional response. The feelings of pride, satisfaction, joy, and serenity are built into our brain's reward system. 

Ask yourself this. Am I living off of yesterday's highlight reel and trophy room as evidence that I am doing my best or did I give all my effort and attention to a worthy cause today?  

The measuring stick of greatness will continue to move. As you accomplish your goals you must use your skills you've acquired to upgrade your vision to the next destination of achievement.


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