Building Your Mobility Kit

A Good Mobility Kit Is A Time Management Tool

Before we get too deep into the tactical side of “How To” lets build out a mobility kit that suits your lifestyle and gives you the highest chance of success (actually doing it).

What I am competing with in mobility training is time. You have your personal life, career, and just enough time to train. So to add anything extra may seem defeating already. Have no fear, we will address some of the oppositions of time management, productivity, and organization along the way.

What's In The Bag?

Resistance Bands 
The benefit of bands is what we call accommodating resistance which means the band has the ability to increase intensity as you go through the range of motion. When you begin it is easy, then as you go to the end range of motion it is more difficult.


Indian Clubs The Indian club remains a staple item in my bag because it is phenomenal for rotational...

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