No More Guessing

By the time a client walks through the door they are usually at the edge of desperation. They have tried every item on the menu and a lot of the times doing it on their own. From this point forward you won't do it on your own. You now have a teammate in the fight and a coach to help you along the way. 

"If you aren't assessing then you're guessing." 

 In our assessment I am looking for evidence that we can measure and then remeasure in the future to ensure we are getting progress and meeting your goals. More often then not clients have been chasing the pain to receive temporary relief. Yes, I absolutely want you to be able to move without pain BUT the problem with chasing pain is that it is too easily influenced. It can change depending on activity, stress, hormones, etc. 

Instead of just attacking the pain we are going to bang the pipes where you haven't looked and give you the tools to achieve progress.


Simple Not Easy

I understand that recovery is not your full time job and that there are other aspects of your life that you need to be highly effective in thus we will take this journey one step at a time.  

What happens if I have a bad week? There are parts of life and events that we cannot control. However we can control how we react and adjust accordingly.

Some of my greatest wins with clients are after a setback or bad week. In fact, it ends up being a blessing in disguise because it usually uncovers something that has been overlooked. 


My mission is to do what others deem to be impossible. One time you had a dream. You may have been 8, 18, or 80 but you had a dream. Sometimes life gets busy and those dreams get shuffled into the back until one day you wake up. You remember that feeling of joy just in holding the thought. The adversary of your dream is doubt. We build evidence in our brain as to why that dream isn't important. "I'm too old", "I'm out of shape", "I have a bad knee", "I'm too busy", on, and on....

Here is the truth. You may be out of shape, you may be injured, and time may not be on your side BUT when you look in the mirror you'll have to ask yourself "What will I do with this one precious life?"


Ryan Esdohr founded Superhuman Lab in 2014 after moving back to Iowa from Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, Ryan worked at a premiere sports therapy clinic working along side some of the most sought out doctors, trainers, and therapists which granted him the opportunity to work with athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and Track & Field.