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September 6, 2017

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Superhuman Lab: The Hybrid Therapist

December 13, 2016

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Superhuman Lab: The Hybrid Therapist

December 13, 2016

Our mission has always been to changed the face of massage therapy & wellness.

What it is that we actually do? At Superhuman Lab we look at ourselves as hybrid therapists. Our goal is to make changes in the body that give you back your missing ranges of motion and eliminate pain. As we've looked to solve this puzzle we realized we had one major obstacle, we couldn't define one way to achieve this goal. Why? Because just as a carpenter uses many different tools to build a house you also have to take in account that every house is different in the same way each client we work with has different challenges and variables. This is also why we have built a wider base for our background. Matt spent the early years of his learning at the University of Northern Iowa studying exercise science while also maintaining a personal training certification. While Ryan started his career in Atlanta, GA where he was mentored by some of the most sought after rehab therapists he also began to teach yoga to bridge the gap between manual therapy and movement.


Manual Therapy 

The treatment portion of the work we do at Superhuman Lab relies on our manual and observational skills. A thorough assessment is key in a successful treatment. We want to know what your desired outcome is. For instance if we get you out of pain but you need to also achieve a new range of motion for your sport then we wouldn't have done our job but just eliminating pain. Secondly our hands on skills is what separates a good session from a great session. When you have an injury it's important to be able to properly identify the muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and vascular structures in that area.  That way you know what structure you are on as well as what healthy tissue versus dysfunctional tissue feels like. We are constantly refining our therapy skills to build upon our knowledge and share it with the massage therapy community. Ryan and Matt are also educators in massage therapy having taught over 140 massage therapists. 



Mobility Training 

Mobility training isn't only our passion for movement but is also peppered in throughout our assessment and classes. If we want to have lasting results we have to train it into the tissues. Many of the problems that we continue to have is due to the things we do all day from our work to our workout. Your body will get better at the things you do most. If you are moving and learning new skills you will become more flexible and strong. The same applies if you sit for the majority of your day and then come home to do the same your body will get begin to adapt into that sitting pattern which has shown to cause pain and limit your ability to move properly. That is why we teach yoga classes at local gyms, privately, and in our public classes. We want you to get better at being human actually we want you to be the Superhuman version of yourself. 





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