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September 6, 2017

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December 13, 2016

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December 16, 2016



This is an exciting post for me because it is giving me an opportunity to share about my personal movement practice and struggles. I was generally very active and competitive throughout my youth. I fell in love with weight lifting and pushing myself. After various injuries I just slowed down. I became more hesitant as to not re-injure myself or further any existing damage. Even in my early 20’s I felt like every time I went to exercise or even play recreational sports I would injure myself. This made movement and exercise far less attractive than in my high school years. It wasn’t until recently that I was reminded of the importance of keeping a deep and insightful relationship with movement, training, and play.


Just over a month ago, Ryan and I were in Austin, TX for a weekend of seminars. The seminar (epic by the way) was all hands on and was about assessing tissues and how they behaved throughout motion. I was the demo for the hip (as they previously noticed something was wrong with mine) and what they uncovered blew me away. I had severely restricted hip motion in many directions and no motion in internal rotation on both sides. This explained not only the pinching in my hips but also the pain & discomfort in my low back and knees. I believe that any age is too young to slow down and here I find myself having already lost the ability to access much of my hip motion at 24.


I immediately got to work when we returned to Iowa and now I am here to document parts of my journey to alleviating pain and improving movement. I just had my ranges of motion tested in both hips and below you will find the metrics. I thought this would be important to showcase as no one is immune to movement impairment & dysfunction, or even poor movement habits. This is in many ways hard for me to share as I am the one giving you and/or many others advice on how to better their movement for pain-free living and at the same time neglecting to put it to personal practice. I am finding myself at a table for one at an all- you- can- eat buffet of humble pie...yummers. Operating on the notion of “use it or lose it”, I will share struggles as well as progress over my course of increasing my ability to move well.




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