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Whether you are overcoming an injury or seeking higher performance the formula is the same. Know where you are, define where you want to be, and create a plan to get there. 

Cookie cutter processes do not account for the chaos that is life. That is why I will work with you to create a process that can fit into your life. 

We will keep it simple, monitor progress, and achieve results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We measure success based on you NOT having a reoccurring problem with the initial complaint/injury.  After you take your online assessment we will reach out and discuss treatment plan including a estimate of timeline and budget. 

Superhuman Lab is an out of network provider so no we do not take insurance. Insurance tends to dictate the session based on what they will and will NOT cover. By the time our clients reach Superhuman Lab they have been through the channels of sports doctors, chiropractors, physical therapy, massage therapy, and endless searching on the internet with lacking results. We are outside of that model and deliver a more personal experience. 

However, some of our clients use their Health Savings Account (HSA). You will just need to check with your provider. 

For your first session you will need to bring a pair of workout clothes for assessment. If you have a shoulder issue we recommend sleeveless shirts and if you have a lower limb we prefer shorts over yoga pants. 

If you have any MRI reports over the last year that would also be great! Note: The MRI report should be a one page summary not the actual CD disk.

Cancellations do to emergencies or illness are understandable. Everyone gets a "free pass" every calendar year where you will not be penalized for late cancellation (under 24 hours from appointment). However, if cancellations continue we will hold a credit card and charge 50% of the scheduled service. This is not to punish people but rather give you autonomy over your day and allow Superhuman Lab to continue business. If you need to cancel please do 24 hours from your appointment. If it is under 24 hours you will not be able to change your appointment online .

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