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Ryan Esdohr, Owner of Superhuman Lab 

Ryan Esdohr founded Superhuman Lab in 2014 after moving back to Iowa from Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, Ryan worked at a premiere sports therapy clinic working along side some of the most sought out doctors, trainers, and therapists which granted him the opportunity to work with athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and Track & Field. 

Ryan has worked in a number of environments specializing in injury specific rehabilitation. His work has allowed him to travel with athletes for their preseason work-up, he has worked in locker rooms for sport franchises, and with individual business leaders and organizations. At Superhuman Lab Ryan works with local athletes and those seeking higher performance. Ryan is also an educator leading courses and workshops for manual therapists, trainers, teachers, and coaches. 

Over the last few years Ryan has invested his time in seeking out the most current research which has led him to Functional Range Systems (FRS). FRS has been a key role in his career development and how a base for how training and treatment intersect at Superhuman Lab. 

Recent Courses Completed

Functional Range Release: Lower Limb

Functional Range Release: Upper Limb
Functional Range
Release: Spine

Functional Range Assessment

Functional Range Conditioning

FRS Summit I & II

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) Level I & II

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